if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence


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forgot what i was about to post dammit

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chaotic-and-caged-in asked:
"I threw a cucumber out the window because I was thinking about shoving it up my ass"




"Babe…cmon don’t lie to yourself. It was hilarious. Maybe I’ll stock the fridge with nothing but cucumbers to show you how funny it really was."

“don’t you fucking dare”

●chaotic and caged in ●verse 1 au ●age 19 ●sugar coated chaos


Oh, thank you, Dave. You’re pretty nice yourself

oh shit. that’s a new one, I usually don’t get compliments like’at back ha
thanks tho, dude, ‘ppreciate it

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strawberryaj asked:



"I really fucking hate you ya know. What was the point of this?"

“Sorry love. Anything else you want me to do while I’m stuck like this? Besides do anything sexual?” I ask, laughing a bit. He looked like he was having a hard time.

“hmm” he says, “we could go to your apartment and “clean” maybe..” He continues and then turns his head, “w-wait, wait, stay right here” he says, before running back to his bedroom.

●chaotic and caged in ●verse 1 au ●age 19 ●sugar coated chaos

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